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Attractions in and around Manzanillo

Manzanillo features a nice variety of attractions which could be interesting for the traveler. Some are accessible for free, others can be visited through organized tours or excursions. But the most important attraction is the rich and beautiful nature. Please see our list with a short overview:


Fiestas de Mayo - May 1 and May 8

Manzanillo celebrates the founding of the city. During 10 days many events like shows, parades, exhibits and concerts take place.

Virgen de Guadalupe - September 1 to September 12

Peregrinations where the population wears indigenous clothes, music, dances and fireworks.

Carnival - February/March

If the carnival takes place or not is decided year by year by the authorities.


Escultura del Pez Vela - Main Plaza in the historical center

Cazadora de Estrellas - Historical center at the cruisers terminal

El Marino Mercante - Historical center, Perlita park

El Marino Mexicano - Historical center, broadwalk

Fuente de Aguas Danzarinas - Cruisers terminal

La Pescadora - Broadwalk Espiritu Santo

El Pescador - Broadwalk Espiritu Santo

Benito Juarez - Plaza Juarez historical center

Museums and Places

University Archaeological Museum

The museum is located in San Pedrito and features a wide range of items. The museum provides an in depth view into the history of Manzanillo.

Historic center of Manzanillo

The historic center of Manzanillo features shops, parks and several historic buildings as well as small expositions, monuments, art galleries, events and much more.

Broadwalk - Malecon del Espiritu Santo

The Malecon is located at the center of Manzanillo and provides the community with a wide range of activities and events.


Sailfish Monument in Manzanillo

The famous sailfish monument in Manzanillo.