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Manzanillo, Mexico as travel destination

Manzanillo is located in the mexican state of Colima, at the pacific oceans coast, midway between Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco. Manzanillo destination is famous for its unique fishinggrounds where year by year the worlds most important sailfish fishing tournament takes place. Aquatic sports and tours are very well known activities in Manzanillo. Besides the fishing tours, travelers enjoy sailing trips and espectacular scuba diving opportunities. At land Manzanillo offers a wide range of activities as well. Three golf courses, an unique regional and international cuisine, the nice downtown and many organized adventures are excellent oportunities to visit the surrounding jungle and experience the beauty of this travel destination in Mexico.

History of Manzanillo

Manzanillo is not a planed resort city like several other destinations in Mexico. The cities history dates back to 1530, when the famous port of Manzanillo was founded. Since then it ganed more and more importance as from there the spaniards began to explore the pacific ocean and the northern coast. Until today the architecture of the last centuries makes Downtown Manzanillo a rich cultural experience. Within other attractions a visit of the local arceological mueseum is highly recommendable.

Hotels and Resorts in Manzanillo

While the history of Manzanillo is visble at Downtown, the most modern resort hotels and vacation clubs can be found at the nearby beaches. A nice selection of hotels and resorts provides the guest with all desired services, from normal to luxury, from all inclusive to european plan. Some of the most mentioned hotels are:

Weather in Manzanillo

As beach tarvel destination the weather in Manzanillo is very important as well.

Manzanillo Airport

The next international airport is the airport Playa de Oro, founded in 1972. The Manzanillo airport Playa de Oro is the most important of the whole state of Colima. Besides the airport Manzanillo is very well communicated through the nearby highways. Most important are the coastal highway to Puerto Vallarta and the highway landinwards to the city of Colima.

Manzanillo Real Estate

Manzanillo gains more and more importance as travel destination as it conserved the original mexican flavour and is not overcrowded like other destinations to the north. It is a perfect place to retire and offers excellent real estate opportunities.

Manzanillo Port administration

Port administration

If You want to get in contact with the official port administration please visit Port Authority of Manzanillo at www.puertomanzanillo.com.mx.

Map of Manzanillo

Manzanillo Map

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